About Us

Meet the Team


Marc A Bacayon

Marc, a seasoned professional with 15 years of experience in the corporate and customer service sectors, has channeled his creativity and event planning expertise to establish an exciting event venue that caters to both children and adults. In addition to his extensive background, Marc has also honed his skills in the food truck industry, having been an integral part of his family’s successful food truck business for over 15 years. During this time, he mastered the art of crafting efficient menus and prioritizing exceptional customer service.

With a few entrepreneurial ventures under his belt and a growing family of his own, Marc recognized the need for a family-friendly restaurant that offered quality brews within the local community. Combining his passion for great food and beverages with his understanding of the preferences of young children, Marc set out to create a welcoming space that satisfies the cravings of both kids and adults alike.


Jennifer Bacayon

Jenni, a licensed clinical child psychologist and active mom, has 15-plus years of experience working with children and families in her private practice and other clinical settings. These experiences have cultivated her vision of creating an inclusive space for families to explore, socialize and learn through prosocial interactions, positive reinforcement, and modeling which are the foundations of positive child psychology. The play areas are designed with great intention. Each toy is handpicked to stimulate motor skills and promote language and cognitive development, as well as to foster positive social-emotional learning. The play areas are also designed to be mindful of sensory needs offering small, safe nooks when one is feeling overstimulated.

Our Philosophy


Our vision is to revolutionize the way families gather.


Our mission is to create fun, modern, and inclusive spaces for both kids and adults and to cultivate a community where families can connect, share resources, and learn together.

Core Values

One of our Mottos is – Kind Vibes Only! 

• Family oriented

• Inclusivity

• Fun for both kids and adults
• Healthy and delicious food and drinks

• Community Collaboration
• Supporting other local small business

• Building meaningful connections

•Work-Life Balance

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